The Creation of All, or just the Creation it's how the world came to be.

The Great GodsEdit

In the beginning, before there was even anything that could be called a world, The Two Above appeared: He Who Sees All and She Who Feels All.

In the nothingness that was they created the Great Gods :

Tek, God of the Sky, impulsive but benevolent and certainly one of the most adventurous and energetic of the pantheon

Kar, God of Earth, wise and pondering, always planning his actions before acting.

Tsu, God of Seas, unpredictable and with many moods but also fatherly and compassionate.

Dinna, Godess of Magic, whimsical, playful and curious.

Vaxx, God of Fire, joyful, passionate and impetuous.

Vilya, Godess of Life, kind, motherly and possessing an enormous love.

Enn, God of Death, serious, silent but, contrary with some may think, not cruel, merciful even.

To those gods they gave the mission to create the world and watch over it, with that The Two Above left the Great Gods to their task.  

Shaping The WorldEdit

To decide who the World should be shaped at first, Tek, god of the sky and Kar, god of the earth decided to have a competition to decide which one of them would have the biggest part of the newly created land. The two of them wielding their Celestial Weapons, weapons containing the same divine power as themselves, started an impressive combat.  They waged a battle that lasted for days and days without end, neither side being able to defeat the other.

The god of skyes would furiously attack with his gleaming silver daggers, while the god of earth would defend and parry every blow using his staff, launching devastating counterattacks when he saw a breach, but never managing to land a hit on his much faster opponent.

When the battle seemed that would last forever Tek made a mistake and with a small slip up in one of his dagger blows, opened his guard. Seeing this, Kar attacked with all his power, only to really that the blow would actually be fatal and would kill the other god, but he couldn't stop his arm now. A tragedy would have passed if not for the timely intervention of the god of the seas Tsu.

Before the strike landed the god of seas was able to trust his trident, his  own Celestial Weapon and most precious treasure, between the two battling deities weapons, saving his brother's life and stoping the incessant combat. With that  the gods decided that, since none was able to best the other,  the World would be divided equally into Earth bellow and the Skies above, but that was not all.

Tsu's trident was not able to resist standing in the middle of a clash of two other Celestial Weapons, it lost two of it's three prongs and was forever damaged. To amend their brother's loss both the God of the Sky and the God of the Earth offered for his brother to have his domain, the waters and the sea, inside their own, in the form of the sea in part of the Earth's domain and the clouds that floats on the skyes and make it rain.

After that, the six Great Gods created the world, summoning Earth, Sky, Water, Fire, Life and Death into existance.

Kar created the land, the mountains, the deserts and the stones. Tek brought forth the skies, the air, the winds, the lighting and thunder. Tsu, the sea, the rivers, the lakes, the snow. Vaxx created fire, the melting rivers that run bellow the surface and the fire that would drive all the creatures to survive. Dinna bestowed the World with her gift, so those that would inhabit that land would be able to make use of magic and it's wonders. Vylia showered life upon the land, enabling all living things to thrive and prosper and Enn gifted the creatures of world with the promise of safe guidance to the Other Lands when their time came.